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We Also Served Jungle Bomber
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The Avengers
By Wally Ingham

Published by Wally Ingham
131 pages, softcover, b/w photos and illustrations.
Published 1990

The official history of No. 30 Squadron and Servicing Unit, by one of their longest serving members, Wally Ingham. This covers the early days of the squadron's formation, formed from what had been No. 8 (GR) Squadron, defending the east coast of the North Island with Vickers Vincents and Vildebeestes. The story takes us through the squadron's conversion onto the modern and new Grumman Avengers, and their training on these to become proficient in dive bombing and other aerial warfare techniques. The social side of the squadron's relationship with the city of Gisborne, where they were based, is also covered. And we follow the men as they move into the Pacific combat zone where they proved themselves valiantly and set a fine war record for the RNZAF.

This book is a superb read and a fine record of both the squadron the the servicing unit it sporned. It serves as an excellent tribute to the men of 30 Squadron and Servicing Unit.

I highly recommend 'The Avengers'. It is difficult to find a copy to purchase these days but many New Zealand libraries have a copy.







We Also Served
By Wally Ingham

Published by the Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand
154 pages, softcover, b/w photos throughout
ISBN 0-473-01365-7
Published 1991

This is a superb record of life as an aircraft engineer before and during the war. Wally Ingham began his lifelong love affair with aircraft at RNZAF Station Wigram, in the mid-1930's as a schoolboy in a platoon of Air Cadets from Christchurch Technical College. Following these exciting Monday afternoon sessions, he soon found himself employed at the same aerodrome by the Canterbury Aero Club.

Then when war broke out in September 1939 the Aero Club was dissolved and all its equipment and staff became part of the RNZAF. With his former Aero Club colleagues, he went in October 1939 to help form the new No. 2 Elementary Flying Training School at RNZAF Bell Block, New Plymouth.

The book follows Wally's adventurous career from the carefree days of bell Block, to his training at RNZAF Station Rongotai, then his time back at Wigram working on Gordons, Oxfords and Harvards and the likes, back to Rongotai for more training, and then posting to the newly formed RNZAF Station Gisborne.

It was at Gisborne where he joined first No. 8 (GR) Squadron, and then its successor, No. 30 Squadron and Servicing Unit. The book follows his service at home and overseas with No. 30 SU as he moved up the Islands chain, servicing Avengers and Corsairs, etc.

This has to be one of the best accounts of life in the wartime RNZAF from the perspective of ground staff ever written. The story is compelling and full of information that makes the reader wish in some instances that they were there, and in other instances balk at the gravity of the war situation these young men and women found themselves in.

This book is a must read for anyone with an interest in RNZAF history, or even just aviation history. It was produced in limited numbers and will today be a rare book to track down, but very well worth the effort.














Jungle Bomber
By Frank Holmes

Milne Printers, 76 pages softcover, b/w illustrations. Obtainable from Author, 61 Cheviot Rd, Lowry Bay, Wellington. $20.00 plus P & P

Not yet read and reviewed but check out the review here on the Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association website by Paul Harrison HERE





A Shower of Spray And We're Away!
By Fred Ladd with Ross Annabell

Published by A.H. & A.W. Reed Ltd.
233 pages and 16 pages of photo plates. Hardback. Published 1971
Out of print. ISBN 0 589 00692 4

This is the autobiography of Fred Ladd, one of No. 30 Squadron's most colourful and well known pilots. This book covers his life from his earliest days and through his wartime adventures, and onto his airline ventures in Fiji and New Zealand after the war. This was the first of two books by Ladd on his life.

You can find a good online biography of Fred Ladd here at the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography

A Bit of a Ladd!
By Fred Ladd with Ross Annabell

Reed Methuen (Auckland), 1987,
ISBN: 0474002551
211 pages, 210x140mm, illustrated, hardcover

Not yet reviewed

You can find a good online biography of Fred Ladd here at the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography

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