The RNZAF Avenger Modelling Pages

Recommended kitsets of the Grumman TBF-1C Avenger are as follows:

1/72nd Scale

1/72nd Scale Kits
I am not too familiar with 1/72nd scale Avenger kitsets, but I understand the aircraft has been released in this scale by Airfix, Frog, Academy-Minicraft, Hasegawa and some other minor brands. I recommend you visit Peter Mossong's site for information about these kits. See the link below.

1/48th Scale

Accurate Miniatures
This is the best kit available in 1/48th scale of the Avenger, and is very good indeed. It is a marked improvement on all previous releases in this scale (Monogram, Nichimo and Lindberg) and I would recommend this kitset or the version below as the only ones to go for if you want a good accurate model. Kit Nos. 3403 and 3405 represent the TBF-1C

This is the very same model as above, from the Accurate Miniatures mouldings, however released under licence by Italeri. Two bonuses about this kit is a) it's cheaper than the Accurate Miniatures release, and b) the kit actually includes decals for an RNZAF example. So overall, this is the one to go for, however if you cannot source one, go for Accurate Miniatures.

1/32nd Scale

The 1/32nd scale Avenger by Trumpeter is highly recommended by many modellers, and though it has a few problems it is touted as being as good as the Accurate Miniatures equivalent in 1/48th. I am not aware of any RNZAF decal versions as yet.


Here are some links to help modellers who wish to construct models of No. 30 Squadron's aircraft and other Avengers that served in the RNZAF.

Peter Mossong's RNZAF Pacific WWII Homepage

There is an excellent modelling guide on Peter Mossong's website that details the many different colour scheme variations worn by the TBF-1C Avengers of No. 30 Squadron RNZAF

Anthony Galbraith's Kiwi Avenger

This page on the excellent Hyperscale site details construction of a 1/48th scale Accurate Miniatures kitset by Anthony Galbraith to represent a postwar RNZAF Avenger



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