Betty Maud WILD
Later Betty Hogan

Service Number: W4364
WAAF Trade: Medic or Nurse
Date of Enlistment: 16th of November 1942
Date of Discharge: 18th of January 1945
Rank Achieved: WA1 (at least)

Date of Birth: 3rd of July 1921
Personal Details:
Betty was the daughter of Reginald George ("Pat") Wild and Mary Wild of Albergeldie, Cambridge.

It was announced in the Auckland Star newspaper dated the 17th of August 1943 that she had become engaged to Flying Officer Desmond Leo Hogan of Miramar, Wellington. In this notice it mentioned that Betty was a member of the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force. She lived in Seatoun, Wellington, after the war, and from 1957 till 1981 in Christchurch.

Betty and Des had five children, David, Lyn, Chris, Phillippa and Deb.

Service Details: Betty's Air Force career began with a posting to RNZAF Station Seagrove, south of Auckland. This was a fighter station, where No. 17 (Fighter) Squadron was based in the defence of Auckland. Des Hogan was also based at Seagrove as a fighter pilot on the squadron at the time.

She was apparently either a medic or a nurse.

Died: 4th of April 2012, aged 90, at Anthony Wilding Retirement Village, in Christchurch

Connection with Cambridge: Betty's parents lived in Cambridge, it's likely she did too

Thanks To: Chris Hogan, Errol Martyn and Graham Hoult for additional information

Betty Hogan in her WAAF uniform (via Chris Hogan)

A nursing sister, a doctor, and WAAF medics. Location unconfirmed but possibly Seagrove.
Betty Hogan is in the back row, third from left. (via Chris Hogan)________

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