Haworths' Value House

This isn't strictly RNZAF-related, but I thought it was a nice little item. The following is a transcription of an advert that appeared in the Waikato Independent newspaper in Cambridge on the 23rd of September 1942. It relates to items on sale at a local department store that people in Cambridge were encouraged to buy and post early for Christmas 1942 to their boys overseas.

No doubt many of the Cambridge boys and girls in the air force received some nice gifts bought at Haworths that year. This list gives an idea of what was available despite wartime shortages, and also the prices.

Haworths' Value House


Xmas Gifts for the Boys Overseas

It is now time to choose and dispatch all Xmas gifts for the boys overseas, and in this respect we can help you. We are showing dozens of lines that are most useful and yet make splendid presents.

Pocket Wallets 5/11, 9/6, 14/6, to 29/6
Brush and Shaving Sets 22/6, 35/-, to 9/6
Money Belts 9/11, 13/6, to 22/6
Briar Pipes 3/11, 7/6, 12/6
Khaki Sox 4/11 and 6/11
Hairbrushes 3/6, 10/6, 19/6
Each Fountain Pens 15/6, 22/6, and 27/6
Leather Writing Sets 8/11, 12/6, 18/6, 29/6
Eversharp Pencils 2/11, 3/11, and 4/11
Writing Tablets 6½d, 9d, and 1/2
Shaving Soaps 6½d, 9d, and 1/6
Khaki Hankies 1/3, and 1/6 Each

And dozens of small lines that help make a parcel more interesting
Pencils, Ink, Games, Playing Cards, Soaps, Spearmint, Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, Aspros, Holdalls, Brylcream, Razor Blades, Magazines, Note Books, Diaries, Shaving Brushes, Cigarettes, Q'Tol, Adhesive Tape, Etc., Etc.