Sourcing RNZAF Personnel Records

If you are an ex-member of a New Zealand's Defence Force, or you are researching somone who was, you can request a set of your or their personnel records. These records provide you with much detail on your various postings, courses and general progress through your/their military career. They are very helpful as research tools in piecing together dates and places, etc., if you're writing your memoirs or such or doing research for projects like this website..

To find out much more on requesting such records, please see the New Zealand Defence Force website here

The page linked above gives you full details of what you have to do to request these records, and what you need to provide, any charges that may be incurred for multiple requests, etc. Also it lists addresses and phone, fax and email contacts.

This is a highly recommended service, and the records are a superb source of information on an individual who served in the NZ Armed Forces.