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Location and Getting There

The RNZAF Museum is located at the former RNZAF Base Wigram, at Sockburn in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. It is one of the premier tourist attractions in Christchurch - New Zealand's second largest city - and so is not too hard to find.

Physically, the museum entrance is the old main gate to the former base, and you cannot miss it as it has a grey and orange Harvard trainer next to the gate.

If you're in the city centre and wish to drive to the museum, head west and once you've gone around Hagley Park, get onto Blenheim Road. This is a main aterial road through the industrial area of the city takes you all the way down several kilometres till you get to a large roundabout. At the roundabout you need to go halfway around almost and join onto Main South Road. This is the one that goes over an humpback bridge - you need to cross that bridge which goes over the Christchurch-Greymouth railway track.

Stay on Main South Road for just a few blocks till you see the gate and the Harvard within seconds on your left. Turn into the gate which is signposted as Harvard Avenue. See here

The main gate - you almost cannot miss it 

If you wish to travel by the bus from the city Bus Exchange, catch the No. 5 bus to Hornby. Ask the driver for the stop at Wigram, they're very friendly if you're not familiar with the area and will generally rememebr to let you off at the right place. The bus stop is only a few metres from the entrance. If you haven't prearranged with the driver, ring the bell as you come over the hump bridge, it's the first stop past the bridge. The fair from town costs around $3.50 one way. You can catch the bus back to two from the other side of the road, several buses pass that way and all seem to head into the city centre.


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