Episode 1 – Introductions with Craig Brankin

Host: Dave Homewood

Guest: Craig Brankin

Duration: 75 minutes, 15 seconds

Topic: In this introductory episode to the series I chat with the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum moderator Craig Brankin, aka corsair67, about the genesis of the Wings Over Cambridge website and the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum which is now the most popular New Zealand aviation discussion website on the internet. Other topics include aviation photography, Craig’s recent visit to MOTAT’s new hangar, the future plans for the Wings Over New Zealand Show, and Craig’s favourite forum threads.

Quick Link:

•  The Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland

Forum Threads Mentioned in Craig’s Interview Were:

•  The Squadron Leader Barrie Reid Photo Collection

•  The Home Movie of Barrie Reid

•  Shorty’s “Photos From My Stash”

•  Photo Thread – The Douglas DC-3

•  The Harvard Pile


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