Episode 19 – Wing Commander Owen Hardy DFC

Guest: W/C Owen Hardy DFC

Host: Dave Homewood

Duration: 25 minutes, 8 seconds

Topic: Owen Hardy was a wartime fighter pilot. He flew Spitfires in combat in North Africa and Europe, including serving with No. 72 Squadron in Britain and in the desert, and No. 485 (NZ) Squadron. He is one of New Zealand’s fighter aces, and continued to serve for many years in the postwar Royal Air Force. Owen has written an excellent autobiography called “Through My Eyes” which is exclusively available through the internet site Lulu. He tells us a little about the book and his days as a fighter pilot in this show. Recorded 27 Feb 2012

Wing Commander Owen Hardy DFC at the No. 485 (NZ) Squadron Reunion, Feb 2012

Quick Links:

•  Buy Owen’s paperback book “Through My Eyes” on Lulu.com

•  Buy Owen’s ebook version of “Through My Eyes” on Lulu.com

•  Read a review of Owen Hardy’s book at Aircrew Book Reviews

•  See photos and information on the No. 485 (NZ) Squadron reunion discussed

By the way the small music clip comes from Danosongs and is called Magic Ghost

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