Episode 77 – WONZ Forum Meet – Bomber Command Veterans

Guest: Peter Wheeler, Roy Montrowe, Keith Boles, Bill Petersen, Reg Dunbar, Des Hall and Alan Taylor

Host: Dave Homewood

Duration: 39 minutes, 31 seconds

Recorded: 28th of September 2014

Topic: In this section of the Wings Over New Zealand Forum Meet we had a panel in which questions were put to ex-RNZAF and RAF Bomber Command veterans by Peter Wheeler of the New Zealand Bomber Command Association

Quick Links:

The New Zealand Bomber Command Association

The New Zealand Bomber Command Association Facebook Page

Bomber Command Association veterans, left to right are Alan Taylor, Roy Montrowe DFC, Reg Dunbar, Bill Pedersen, Keith Boles DFC pff and Des Hall

Des Hall, with the microphone, makes the other veterans laugh

By the way the small music clip comes from Danosongs and is called Magic Ghost

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