Episode 82 – Peter Tremayne

Guest: Peter Tremayne

Host: Dave Homewood

Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes, 5 seconds

Topic: In this episode of the “Wings Over New Zealand Show” the host Dave Homewood speaks with Peter Tremayne about his flying in the Royal New Zealand Air Force between 1957 and 1977.

Peter trained on Harvards and then went to Devons, and onto Bristol Freighters. He then volunteered for the RNZAF Antarctic Flight where he trained in New Zealand on the Beaver and the Auster. The RNZAF Antarctic programme was cancelled before he got down there but he was posted to The US Navy’s VX-6 Squadron and flew with them on the frozen continent in a US Navy DHC Otter.

He later went back to Freighters and flew operations in Borneo and then in Vietnam on this type.

Then he transferred to the Lockheed C-130H Hercules with No. 40 Squadron in 1968. Peter left the RNZAF in 1977 and now lives in the USA where he runs an excellent website about his aviation experiences

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By the way the small music clip comes from Danosongs and is called Magic Ghost

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