Gallipoli Talk – Cambridge Historical Society

A recording of the speakers at a special evening hosted by the Cambridge Historical Society on the evening of the 13th of August 2015 about Gallipoli. The speakers heard, in order of appearance, are:

Tony Gainsford (Cambridge Historical Society President)
Grant Middlemiss (Evening Organiser)
Sue Milner (talking about her trip to Gallipoli in April for the 100th)
Mike Butler (talking about his trip to Gallipoli in April for the 100th)
Richard Stowers (giving an excellent talk on the August Offensive in which the New Zealanders took Chunuk Bair)

Feel free to listen or download to keep. Duration 1 hour 39 minutes 55 seconds
Note, for a little bit at the beginning a data projector used during Sue’s talk caused a bit of background noise. Most of the recording is fine however so please perservere.

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