Episode 95 – WOA – The B-24 at Werribee

Guest: Nat Eichler

Host: Dave Homewood and James Kightly

Recorded: 15th of November 2015, at Werribee, Australia

Duration: 59 minutes 27 seconds

In this episode, another in the Wings Over Australia  sub-series, co-hosts Dave Homewood and James Kightly are given a guided tour of the magnificent ex-RAAF Consolidated B-24 Liberator restoration at Werribee, near Melbourne, Australia. Our guide is 95-year-old WWII  veteran Nat Eichler, who served as a Radar Operator and Wireless Operator on Royal Australian Air Force Liberators himself. While talking about the restoration and the aircraft’s components that have been restored, Nat also talks about the museum and its plans, the history of the hangar and Werribee Air Force station, and his own service in B-24’s, patrolling over the sea north of the Australian continent in the hunt for Japanese shipping.

Quick Links:

B-24 Liberator Restoration Australia Website

B-24 Liberator Restoration Australia Facebook Page

The Photos:

The following photos were taken during our visit to the Werribee B-24 Liberator. The first shot was taken by James Kightly and shows Dave Homewood interviewing guide and WWII veteran Nat Eichler with the Liberator in the background, and a gun turret in the foreground.


The rest of the photos were taken by Dave Homewood. First shots show the hangar and a board telling about the hangar’s history

The Hangar at Werribee The History of the Werribee Hangar

Nat with a radar unit

WWII B-24 Radar Operator-Air Gunner Nat Eichler with the radar unit from the B-24

Exterior Shots of the Aircraft and Components

P1300885 P1300839 P1300841 P1300842 P1300873P1300846P1300840

P1300850P1300871P1300872 P1300849P1300883
P1300852 P1300853 P1300856P1300851P1300855 P1300857 P1300858 P1300860 P1300861

Interior shots inside the fuselage, note the yellow oxygen tanks

P1300836 P1300838


P1300874 P1300876 P1300877 P1300880P1300878   P1300847P1300881P1300879P1300875

Photos of the large map they have on the hangar doors showing the RAAF Liberator bases and areas of operation in WWII

P1300863 P1300864 P1300865 P1300866 P1300867 P1300868

P1300869 P1300870

2 comments to Episode 95 – WOA – The B-24 at Werribee

  • Jim Zazas

    Absolutely awesome!! I was a volunteer pilot for the Collings Foundation B-17G and B-24J for five years (1996 – 2000). I aim to rejoin the tour in 2016! I remember when this project started, and how excited I was to learn of your magnificent endeavor. Now, upon seeing these recent photographs, I am most excited by the fantastic progress made over the intervening years. Keep up the great work! Keep ’em Flying!

    • Dave Homewood

      Great stuff Jim, yes the team at Werribee have done an amazing job, especially when you see what they started with. Now it looks like a new aeroplane! I should add, none of that hard work can be attributed to me, haha, I just recorded the interview and took the photos. I really enjoyed my visit there though, and what a privilege it was to be shown around the amazing project by an actual B-24 veteran, and someone who’s been with the project since it began, Nat Eichler!! Cheers, Dave

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