Episode 110 – Tim Costley: The Missing Wingman Trust

Guest: Tim Costley

Hosts: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 23rd of July 2016

Duration:  24  minutes 15  seconds

In this important episode Dave Homewood speaks with RNZAF pilot Tim Costley, who is one of the trustees of the Missing Wingman Trust. This trust was set up in 2010 as a means of supporting the families of RNZAF personnel who have been killed, injured, or become ill, or suffered in some way.

This is an amazing group who do fantastic work. Tim explains what its all about and chats about the current fundraising campaign, the Wingman Brunches. This is a simple and fun event people all across New Zealand and around the world can easily join in on, and it’s a wonderfully social way to raise money for the cause. Please have a listen, get involved and help our fine RNZAF personnel and their families out.

Find out more at the inks below:

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Tim Costley

Above: Tim Costley

1 comment to Episode 110 – Tim Costley: The Missing Wingman Trust

  • Paul Reid

    I have viewed the photo of 75 Squadron.
    The unknown gunner, seated, third from left is Norman Reid, Flight Engineer. My Dad.
    Paul Reid

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