Episode 144 – Barrie Irvine

Guest: Barrie “Irv” Irvine

Hosts: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 25th of September 2016

Released:  28th of April 2017

Duration:  45 minutes 25 seconds

In this episode, which was recorded live at the Te Atatu RSA Wings Over New Zealand Forum Meet at Auckland in September 2016, we hear from former RNZAF Sunderland and Orion pilot Barrie Irvine.

He gives an excellent talk on life and the many adventures as a pilot on the Sunderlands at Lauthala Bay in Fiji and in New Zealand during the 1960’s. And he details the period where he was posted to the USA to convert to the new Lockheed P-3B Orion. Barrie delivered the fourth new Orion to New Zealand, and then became a training officer to convert other members of No. 5 Squadron to the type.

Quick Links:

•  Royal New Zealand Air Force

•  The Te Atatu Memorial RSA

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Two WONZ Films relating to this episode. The first features Barrie Irvine and fellow crew mate Jim McHerron revisiting to Short Sunderland MR.5 at MOTAT for the first time in 50 years

The second film is home movie by Barry Jones of RNZAF Station Lauthala Bay during the Sunderland era

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