Episode 145 – Bring Our Birds Home

Guest: Paul Brennan

Hosts: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 11th of May 2017

Released:  12th of May 2017

Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes 40 seconds

Paul Brennan is a professional broadcaster, cameraman and media personality, who has taken on the task to run the “Bring Our Birds Home” campaign. This is an ambitious but doable plan to bring five historic airliners that served with Air New Zealand back home to New Zealand to save and preserve them. They are a Lockheed Electra, a Douglas DC-8, a Douglas DC-10, a Boeing 737 and a Boeing 747.

Paul talks about their current locations and conditions, the plans in place to hopefully secure and rescue them, and the processes that they hope to utilise to get the aircraft back to New Zealand. The ultimate goal is to have them all restored and on public display in a city museum, but the current aim is to ensure they are not scrapped and lost forever as each is the last of their fleet that served in Air New Zealand service.

Paul also talks about his “AirSide Radio” podcast, which he produces with Martin Noakes.


Quick Links:

•  Bring Our Birds Home on Facebook

•  Bring Our Birds Home Webpage

•  Bring Our Birds Home Givealittle Page

•  AirSide Radio Podcast

•  AirSide TV

•  Air New Zealand

To contact Paul Brennan call 022 600 7538, or email paulairside@gmail.com

Above: Paul Brennan

The Aeroplanes:
The following photos are reproduced from the Bring Our Birds Home Facebook page with Paul Brennan’s permission, and due credit to the photographers where needed.

DC-8-52 ZK-NZC at Wellington August 1971 courtesy of Bob Leask

L-188C Electra ZK-TEB at Wellington 1971 courtesy Bob Leask

Boeing B737-219 ZK-NAD in Air New Zealand/NAC hybrid scheme late 1970s at Christchurch.

DC10-30 ZK-NZS at the checkerboard turn for RW 13 Kai Tak Hong Kong late 70s.

ZK-NZV arriving AKL on delivery Jun 1981 – Image: Kevin Phillips via Paul Jefferies


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