WONZ 178 – Classic Flyers Forum Meet Part 3

Guest Speakers: Wings Commander Brett Marshall (Executive Officer at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand)
Arthur Gatland (former Royal Air Force Hunter, Hawk and Harrier pilot, glider pilot, author and more

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 4th of March 2018

Released: 15th of April 2018

Duration: 2 hour 2 minutes 13 seconds

The Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum held another successful and entertaining Forum Meet on the 4th of March 2018. The venue was the excellent Classic Flyers NZ Museum, at Tauranga Airport. In this episode, Part Three of the Forum Meet recordings, we hear from Wing Commander Brett Marshall of the Air Force Museum of New Zealand talking about the museum’s history, its current projects and its plans for the future. Sadly during this recording there were a number of technical issues with the microphone where the sound cut out and recording was not possible. However Brett carried on and the issues was eventually rectified by a technician. But this recording is slightly abridged from the original speech.

Then lastly we heard from Arthur Gatland, who was a Kiwi in the Royal Air Force back in the 1970’s and 80’s, flying fast jets like the Hawker Hunter, BAe Hawk and the Hawker Harrier. He’s also a well known glider pilot,  an airline pilot, and an author.

Above: Wing Commander Brett Marshall (Photos: Phil Treweek)

Above: Arthur Gatland (Photos: Phil Treweek)

Quick Links:
•  Classic Flyers NZ Museum Website
•  Classic Flyers NZ Museum Facebook Page
•  The Air Force Museum of New Zealand
•  The Air Force Museum of New Zealand on Facebook
 Arthur Gatland’s Facebook Page

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