WONZ 203 – Warren Denholm on Mosquito PZ474

Guest: Warren Denholm of Avspecs Ltd, aka Wal

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 19th of August 2019

Released: 24th of August 2019

Duration: 44 minutes 2 seconds

In this episode Dave Homewood visits Wal Denholm in his office at Avspecs Ltd., the Ardmore-based warbird restoration company, to discuss the restoration and recent success with de Havilland Mosquito FB.6 PZ474.

This Mossie served with the Royal New Zealand Air Force as NZ2384, and then went to the USA. When it was purchased as a project by Texas-based collector Rod Lewis it returned to New Zealand as what can only be described as wreckage. Over the past four years PZ474 was rebuilt back to its magnificent former glory – in fact better than it ever would have looked.

It took to the air again at Ardmore on the 13th of January 2019, in stunning RAF Coastal Command colours, and after test flying it was shipped to the USA. In July PZ474 was one of the major stars of EAA AirVenture 2019 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where the project won two awards, the Phoenix Award and the Grand Champion WWII award, the latter being the most prestigious of all awards at the world’s biggest aviation event.

Wal talks all about the Mosquito’s restoration and the Oshkosh experience. He also gives an overview of what else they are currently working on, the Curtiss Hawk for Jerry Yagen, the Supermarine Spitfire XVIe for a US-based customer, the next Mosquito project which is still for sale, the Grumman Widgeons and the Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony.

Quick Links:

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•  Lewis Air Legends website

•  Lewis Air Legends on Facebook

•  Classic Aircraft Photography

Mosquito PZ474 over the Auckland coastline during its initial test flight in January 2019. (Photo courtesy of Gavin Conroy of Classic Aircraft Photography)

The Mosquito PZ474 at the Warbirds Open Day at Ardmore in November 2018 (Photo: Dave Homewood)

Mosquito PZ474 at the Warbirds Open Day at Ardmore in November 2018
(Photo: Dave Homewood)

Mosquito PZ474 at the Warbirds Open Day at Ardmore in November 2018
(Photo: Dave Homewood)

Mosquito PZ474 at the Warbirds Open Day at Ardmore in November 2018
(Photo: Dave Homewood)

Note: The music is Wild Flower by Joakim Karud

3 comments to WONZ 203 – Warren Denholm on Mosquito PZ474

  • tereanna

    hi Dave – I am not sure if I have emailed before re this topic BUT – on listening to one of the latest podcasts I noted there is a Historic Department ?? I did not know>>? who to contact….,
    As I am from North Island and have only just retired I have not got to what my Aunty thought was the best place for my Uncles pilot stuff to later be gifted – Anyway I have not got there yet because I have just spent a year typing my 2 uncles (pilots) war story “Dreaming of thee” and Epistolary dairy form of letters which my Gran left me and are some 80 years old now – one of my uncles was Duncan McArthur one of their first (17) pilots to go over to UK with our then gifted 28 planes from NZ govt back in about 1937/38….ANYWAY WHO CAN I COME SEE OR WRITE TO DIRECT RE THIS BOOK AND THE MYSTERIES I HAVE TUMBLED OVER PLEASE

  • Hi tereanna, I am very interested in that period right at the start of the war, that group of pilots who sailed to England on the Tamaroa, the gifted Wellington bombers and 75 (NZ) Squadron, which Duncan McArthur served with.

    I might be able to help you with some information and possibly photos. You can email me at chris@foodworks.co.nz.

    Thanks for sharing

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