The Wings Over New Zealand Show LIVE
On Warbird Radio

The Wings Over New Zealand Show now has a spin-off Live show via the very popular Warbird Radio Network which is based in Washington DC, USA.

The hour long show will be broadcasting on Wednesdays at 1.00pm (New Zealand time) which is Tuesday 9.00pm (Eastern US Time) at the station's HQ. The show is beamed via the internet all round the world, and as well as pre-recorded slots I will have the ability to have guests talking live on the show, and also have anyone who's listening around the glove to phone or Skype in and chat live, talkback radio style.

After the live broadcast the show will be available for download as a podcast as usual, for those who were not able to listen in live. I'll also link the shows below to our WONZ Show site here:

Live Show Menu
Episode 01 - Fly Dakota, and Wings Over Wairarapa
17 Sep 14
with guests Jessica Cooper and Jenny Gasson
Episode 02 - Fighter Pilots Young and Old
Nov 14
with Bevan Dewes, Alan Peart DFC and Jim Robinson
Episode 03 - Classic Fighters 2015 Airshow
4 Feb 15
with Graham Orphan
Episode 04 - Catalina Perservation Society
13 May 15
with Dee Bond, Chris Snelson and Peter Vause
Episode 05 - The New Gnome
17 Jun 15
with Tony Wytenberg and Andrew Carter
Episode 06 - The Sunderland, and Wings Over Aussie
15 Jul 15
with Jim McHerron and James Kightly
Episode 07 - The 70th Anniversary of VJ Day
12 Aug 15
with Geoff Fisken, Noel Hanna, Joe McVicar and Owen Hicks
Episode 08 - Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary
16 Sep 15
with Brendon Deere
Episode 09 - No. 75 Squadron History
21 Oct 15
with Glen Turner
Episode 10 - Wings Over Australia Live Edition
25 Nov 15
with James Kightly
Episode 11 - NZ Bomber Command Association
16 Dec 15
with Peter Wheeler
Episode 12 - The Dam Busters
9 Mar 16
with Dick Lambert
Episode 13 - Hudson Stories
11 May 16
with Ron Wilson-Walker and Merv Davies
Episode 14 - Iroquois
15 Jun 16
with Des Gyde
Episode 15 - Update on the Last Six Months
18 Jan 17
No guest    
Episode 16 - EAA's Chris Henry
Feb 17
with Chris Henry    
Episode 17 - Pioneer Aero Ltd.
15 Mar 17
with Paul McSweeny    
Episode 18 - Aviator Bevan Dewes
17 May 17
With Bevan Dewes    
Episode 19 - Aerowood
31 Jan 18
With Corin McCrae    
The Wings Over New Zealand Show is a spin-off from the Wings Over New Zealand Show, which in itself is a spin-off from theWings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum. These Live Shows are produced by Dave Homewood of the WONZ Show and
Matt Jolley of Warbird Radio.
The Wings Over New Zealand Show was established in December 2011.
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