Episode 2 – Don Simms

Host: Dave Homewood
Guest: Don Simms – Moderator of the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum, former RNZAF Avionics Technicians and Co-Author of the book “SKYHAWKS”
Duration: 113 minutes, 5 seconds total

Topic: We talk about Don’s career in the Royal New Zealand Air Force as an Avionics Technician servicing Bell Iroquois helicopters with No. 3 Squadron and McDonnell Douglas A-4K Skyhawks with No’s 2 and 75 Squadrons. We also discuss life on those squadrons in his time; the disposal of the Air Combat Wing and the current moves to get the Skyhawks and Macchis into museums; and the book Skyhawks that he co-wrote with journalist Nick Lee-Frampton, published by Willson Scott Publishing.

Quick Links:

•  Link To Don’s Book “Skyhawks – The History of the RNZAF Skyhawk”

Don’s favourite threads include:

•  Al Marshall’s Bristol Freighter Restoration Thread

•  Anything to do with Skyhawks, which brought him photos, and

•  Anything in the Preservation Area

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