Episode 3 – Air To Air with Gavin Conroy

Host: Dave Homewood

Guest: Gavin Conroy – Aviation Photographer and Author

Duration: 52 minutes, 23 seconds

Topic: In this episode we talk with well known aviation photographer Gavin Conroy of Blenheim about his famous air to air photography, his beautiful calendars that he has released over the years, his involvement with the organisation of the famous Classic Fighters airshow at Omaka, and his new book Precious Metal among other things

Quick Links:

•  Link to Gavin’s Book “Precious Metal

  Precious Metal Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum Discussion

•  Gavin’s 2012 Calendar

 Gavin’s Website

 Gavin’s Blog

By the way the small music clip comes from Danosongs and is called The Wire. Over the top is a Spitfire Mk XIV.

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