Episode 12 – RNZAF Hawker Hinds (and more…)

Host: Dave Homewood

Guests: Jim Mungall and Don Subritzky

Duration: 55 minutes, 7 seconds

Topic: In this episode we discuss the history of the Hawker Hind in service with the Royal New Zealand Air Force from 1940 till 1943. Our guests are well known aircraft collector Don Subritzky and Hind owner and historian Jim Mungall. The Hind was used by the RNZAF as an intermediate pilot trainer at No. 3 Service Flying Training School, Ohakea; and also as an Army Co-operation aircraft by No’s 6, 20 and 21 Squadrons at Onerahi and Milson.

We also discuss the recovery and preservation of several Hawker Hinds. This rare type is now reasonably well represented thanks to the efforts of Don and his team of helpers over the years.

Don also discusses a few of his other treasures in his collection, notably the Airspeed Oxford which now has its port wing fitted, and the world’s only Vickers Vincent.

Above: Don Subritzky and Jim Mungall stand in front of the Vincent

Don and his Airspeed Oxford

Jim in front of his favourite type, the Hawker Hind

Notes: Don Subritzky needs your help if you can; he would like:

•  To know the serial number registration of his Hawker Hind that he recovered from Jim Frogley’s place in Havelock North – do you know?

•  To know the serial number registration of his Hawker Hind that he recovered from a farmer’s pond at Kumeu – do you know?

•  Does anyone know more about the Hind that was disassembled on the beach at Nelson?

•  Any information that can conclusively establish which Hinds in RNZAF service were Trainers (dual control) or Bomber (single control with gunner’s rear cockpit) would be appreciated.

•  Have you got a radio rack for Don’s Airspeed Oxford?

•  Have you any information on Mr Moffatt, Main Road, Stoke (Nelson District) who previously owned Hind NZ1555?

•  Does anyone have concrete information on the Hind that was sitting at RNZAF Station Hobsonville’s aircraft graveyard with the Catalinas and SBD Dauntless’s?

•  Have you any leads on the whereabouts of an exhaust collector ring that is mounted on the front of the Bristol Pegasus on a Vickers Vincent? Don and Steve Subritzky need one for their restoration.

If you can assist Don Subritzky or Jim ‘Shamus’ Mungall with any of the above queries or other related matters, please make contact either by Emailing Dave Homewood or you can click here to take you to Jim’s userpage on the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum – Shamus

Quick Links:

•  The Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand

•  The Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland

•  The Air Force Museum of New Zealand, Wigram, Christchurch

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