Episode 43 – Al Marshall

Episode Forty Three – Alistair Marshall

Host: Dave Homewood

Guests: Al Marshall

Duration: 1 hour, 44 minutes, 27 seconds

Topic: Dave talks with Christchurch-based pilot and aero engineer Al Marshall. Formerly an RNZAF aircraft technician-turned-pilot, and currently a Boeing 737 First Officer with Virgin Australia, Al is better known for leading the restoration of the Marlborough Aero Club’s Bristol Freighter back to running and taxiing condition – becoming the world’s only Freighter capable of this.

He then restored his own Bristol Hercules engine which he now proudly displays to the public on special occasions. And he is currently working on a scale steam locomotive which he hopes to get running on the tracks in 2013. We also hear from Al about how he grew up with aviation all around him, and about his days in the RNZAF and airline flying

Quick Links:

Al Marshall’s Bristol Freighter Restoration Thread

By the way the small music clip is Crazy From The Message from Danosongs

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