Episode 52 – Noel Kruse on ‘Charlie’

Host: Dave Homewood

Guest: Noel Kruse

Duration: 1 hour 00 minutes 17 seconds

Topic: In this episode Cambridge-based pilot Noel Kruse discusses his Ryan STM-S2 which he recently completed a 33-year long restoration on, back to flying condition. Noel test flew his Ryan, which is known as “Charlie”, on the 16th of September 2013. “Charlie” is a very rare survivor of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Navy, and the Royal Australian Air Force in WWII.

Noel talks about how the Ryan STM as a type captivated him as a child, and how it became one of his favourite aircraft types. And he tells of the process of finding, buying and restoring the aircraft back to flying condition.

By the way the small music is Magic Ghost from Danosongs

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