Episode 58 – Peter Rowley

Host: Dave Homewood

Guest: Peter Rowley

Duration: 51 minutes 14 seconds

Recorded: 7th of January 2014, via Skype to Peter’s home in Melbourne

Topic: Dave chats with well known and much loved kiwi actor Peter Rowley about his aviation background. As well as appearing on kiwi screens in such hits as A Week Of It, McPhail And Gadsby, The Billy T. James Show, A Letter To Blanchy, and as the Dog in the acclaimed Footrot Flats: A Dog’s Tale, Peter grew up in an aviation family.

His father was a wartime fighter pilot and postwar ran several agricultural aviation companies.

Peter himself became a recreational pilot and is a massive enthusiast of aeroplanes. He is currently working on a documentary series on women in aviation.

Quick Links:

Over The Top Helicopters on Youtube

Peter Rowley senior in front of his RNZAF Chance Vought F-4U1D Corsair in WWII

No. 16 (Fighter) Squadron, RNZAF.
F/O Peter Frederick Hodgson Rowley mid (and later OBE) is in the rear rank, third from the right.

One of the Japanese tanks destoryed by Peter Rowley senior

An Auster agricultural aircraft

Peter Rowley senior in his beloved Piper Super Cub

Peter Rowley junior, the interviewee

By the way the small music is Magic Ghost from Danosongs

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