Episode 100 – WONZ100

Guest: Matt Jolley, James Kightly

Hosts: Dave Homewood and Grant McHerron

Recorded: April-May 2016

Duration: 3 hour 16 minutes 11 seconds (179 MB)

In this special episode we celebrate marking the 100th episode of the Wings Over New Zealand Show. Host Dave Homewood is joined by his WONZ Live Show co-host Grant McHerron, and together they look back over the series and discuss how it came about, stories from behind the scenes, and the many guests and topics that have featured since the show debuted in December 2011.

We hear some selected highlights from various past episodes, including clips featuring Noel Kruse, Peter Wheeler, Phil Furner, John Wilding, Don Subritzky, Jim Mungall, Jonathan Pote, Peter Tremayne, Alistair Marshall, and Les Marshall.

And we have two guests on this show, Matt Jolley of Warbird Radio and James Kightly from the Wings Over Australia sub-series. Dave and James discuss upcoming WOA shows,and we hear some preview clips from WOA guests Steve Death, Judy Pay and Andy Bishop.

We also hear goodwill messages sent in from Errol Cavit, Bruce Cooke, Pieter Johnson, Matt Austin, Andy Wright, and Zac Yates.


Episodes that the highlight clips are sampled from were:
Episode 12 – Hawker Hinds (Don and Jim)
Episode 40 – The New Zealand Lancaster Story (Phil, Peter and John)
Episode 42 – Classic Fighters 2013
Episode 55 – Les Marshall Part 3
Episode 69 – Noel Kruse Part 10
Episode 72 – Jonathan Pote
Episode 82 – Peter Tremayne Part 1

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