Episode 101 – Wings Over Australia – RAAF Museum Point Cook

Guests: Andy Wright, Ron Gretton and Geoff Matthews

Hosts: Dave Homewood and James Kightly

Recorded: 15th and 17th of November 2015

Duration: 2 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds




In this episode Dave Homewood and James Kightly visit the Royal Australian Air Force Museum at RAAF Point Cook in Victoria. James is a regular volunteer guide within this museum so he gives Dave a tour of the exhibits and they discuss many of the various aircraft in the collection and the history behind them.

Dave also meets with Andy Wright, famous for his Aircrew Book Review website and Facebook page, and they discuss Andy’s love of aviation books.

Then James and Dave step outside where they met two of the RAAF Museum’s restoration team, Ron Gretton and Geoff Matthews, who have worked on many of the big projects within the museum, from restoring the Supermarine Walrus to building a flying replica of the WWI Bristol Boxkite.


Above Left: Andy Wright (centre) with fellow WONZ Forum members and WONZ Show listeners Evan Schoo (left) and Kevin Smith (right)


Above Right: Ron Gretton, Geoff Matthews and James Kightly

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The music heard in this episode is “Diga Diga Doo”, by Bob Crosby and his Orchestra, provided by Matt Austin via his original 1930’s portable gramophone.

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