Episode 108 – Typhoon Legacy

Guests: Ian Slater, Bruce Slater and Graeme Sutherland

Hosts: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 10th of July 2016

Duration:  54 minutes 20 seconds

In this episode Dave Homewood speaks with Ian Slater, Bruce Slater and Graeme Sutherland, all of the Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. team who are working to rebuild WWII Hawker Typhoon fighter-bomber JP843 back to flying condition.

The project is based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in Canada, but there are clear kiwi connections. Graeme is a kiwi, based in Tokoroa, New Zealand. Another team member is Graham Allan, who was unable to join us in the recording, but he too is a kiwi, now based in Canada. And the most special connection is with Pilot Officer Peter Price RNZAF, who was a young Auckland pilot that was killed on operations whilst flying this very aircraft.

Peter Price’s story is told in this episode,as well as the massive undertaking of research and engineering required by this passionate team to make this aircraft fly again. They are very determined and have the skills and knowledge to make it happen. We shall be following this amazing restoration project closely over coming months and years. You can follow progress too at the links below

Quick Links:

 The Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. Website

 The Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. Facebook Page

 The Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. Thread on the Wings Over New Zealand Forum

The following photos have all been kindly supplied by the Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. team

JP843 Thorney Island. Dicky Harkness

Hawker Typhoon JP843 during WorldWar Two, with No. 609 Squadron

JP843 Thorney Island. Dog Blitz Teasing William de Goat By JP843

Hawker Typhoon JP843 with No. 609 Squadron’s famous goat mascot


Typhoon Legacy’s team leader Ian Slater with the cockpit section

Bruce Slater

Typhoon Legacy team member Bruce Slater


New Zealand team member Graeme Sutherland, of Tokoroa

Peter Price 2

Pilot Officer Peter Price, RNZAF, who died whilst flying JP843 on its last operational sortie. This image was provided to Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd and used with permission of J. Price, NZ.

Restoration Photos
The following photos of the engineering going into the restoration of Typhoon JP843 have kindly been supplied by Ian Slater of Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd.

20160422_132816_resized 20160422_175508_resized 20160430_184102  DSC_8337 DSCN0316 DSCN0318DSCN0725image1 (1)image1111P1130678DSCN0657DSCN0717DSCN0723

Typhoon Veterans

DUXDrBELLroland beamont

The late Roland Beamont signs the cockpit of JP843

Other Team Members Who Are Not In This Episode

Graham Allen 2

Graham Allen, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (NZCAA): a New Zealander based in Canada

Martin Cherneff

Martin Cherneff: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer “S”

Cam Wallace

Cam Wallace: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M1/M2

10 comments to Episode 108 – Typhoon Legacy

  • Charles Cunningham

    Wonderful photos. I never thought I would see a Hawker Typhoon being resurrected

  • JG

    Wonderful work guys. Keep it going.

  • Robert Stitt

    To Bruce Slater: Just received a link to this page – did we not work together at Tentnology….?

    Robert Stitt

  • Cliff Hawley

    Amazing effort and dedication. A true legend for the future.

  • Mark

    Great to see a legend return

  • adrian smith

    Hi Guys, I live in an area where the “tiffys” used to fly over on their way to france/belgium, (normally at hedge top level!)my late mother-in-law told me that the sound of the engines was truly deafening! I am looking forward to hopefully seeing a typhoon fly again. keep up the good work.

  • adrian smith

    Hi guys, I was friends with an ex “battle of Britain” pilot, (sgt pilot Sandford-Jones). He transferred to typhoons in 1942 and flew “bombphoons” until the end of the war, He likened the spitfire to a thoroughbred racehorse and the tiffy to a carthorse! although he did say that they could withstand tremendous punishment and still get you home safe as long as the engine kept running.I dont know which squadron he flew with but he was part of the “cab rank” system operating after D day, flying over France, Holland and Belgium.

  • alf

    I had the privilege of knowing a doctor who once flew Typhoons. I saw a model in his surgery and mentioned it. Then he said “I used to fly them’. His name was Herb Copeman. He was interviewed by the ABC in the Great Southern of Western Australia and produced a small booklet of his experiences and the plane. He moved to Tasmania where he retired and passed away.

  • Hammond

    I am watching this restoration and hoping to see the plane flying in the future. What a great plane. Didn’t like the cold tho.Its wonderful you are taking on this project. I will donate something.

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