Episode 114 – WOA – Temora Part One

Guests: Mark Awad, Bevan Dewes and Stewart Wilson

Hosts: Dave Homewood and James Kightly

Recorded: 21st and 22nd of November 2015

Duration:  2 hours 5 minutes 1 second

Whilst attending the Warbirds Downunder 2015 Airshow at Temora, in New South Wales last year, Dave Homewood and James Kightly found some time between looking at air displays and the massive collection of vintage aircraft to chat with a few people for the Wings Over Australia podcast series.

First up, Dave meets Mark Awad, the President of the Australian Warbirds Association Ltd., and they discuss what the association does and is all about. Mark talks about the airshows and events that AWAL aircraft visit around the country, and comparisons are made with the equivalent organisation across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand Warbirds Association Inc.

Then, whilst sheltering from the 41C heat and the 40 knot wind that was being inflicted outdoors (and this was in Springtime!!) , Dave took shelter with fellow melting-in-the-heat kiwi Bevan Dewes in a nice air conditioned building. Bevan is one of New Zealand’s most dedicated and promising young warbird pilots, with the right attitude and keenness to do well and progress in the industry. He discusses his amazing year in 2015 as a pilot and a groundcrew team member with The Vintage Aviator Collection, plus Bevan’s work experience at the Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford in England, and working and sometimes flying at airshows in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Bevan was at Temora to once again help out on the busy ramp as a volunteer ground handler. James joined the conversation part way through when the heat and wind outside got even too much for him.

Lastly the hosts meet with well known Australian author, journalist, editor and publisher Stewart Wilson, and hear about his background in aviation, music and motor racing, and his famous series of RAAF books, plus his work as the editor of Aero Australia magazine. He and James discuss their experience of the hard work that goes in behind the scenes in the book trade and the aviation magazines on the news agent shelves.

Quick Links:

•  Temora Aviation Museum

•  Warbirds Downunder 2015 Airshow

•  Australian Warbirds Association Ltd.

•  The Vintage Aviator Collection

•  The Vintage Aviator Collection’s Facebook Page

•  Aero Australia Magazine


Above: Mark Awad of the Australian Warbirds Association Ltd.


Above: Bevan Dewes of The Vintage Aviator Collection, eyeing the Spitfire as a future goal


Above: Stewart Wilson and his wife Wendy


The Australian Warbird Association Ltd. display tent at Warbirds Downunder


The Australian Warbird Association Ltd. display tent at Warbirds Downunder. Mark is on the right


Bevan working as a flightline volunteer during the airshow, speaking with Warbirds Downunder commentator Peter “Ando” Anderson


James Kightly with Stewart and Wendy Wilson


The Temora heat was even getting to James


Dave taking a photo during the Friday evening show (photo by Grant Finlay)

See Dave’s Photos from the airshow here on the Wings Over Australia Facebook Page:

Friday 20th of November 2015

Saturday 21st of November 2015

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