Episode 123 – The Air Force Museum of New Zealand – Part One

Host: Dave Homewood
Guests: Michelle Sim (Air Force Museum of New Zealand Communications Officer), and
Nathan ‘Barf’ Bosher (Air Force Museum of New Zealand Safety and Surface Technician, in the Restoration Workshops)
Recorded: 28th of October 2016
Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes 29 seconds

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•  The Air Force Museum of New Zealand Website

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•  The Royal New Zealand Air Force Website

•  The Royal New Zealand Air Force Facebook Page

•  Defence Careers

•  The Wings Over New Zealand Film (1941) as mentioned

Address: 45 Harvard Ave, Wigram, Wigram Park 8042, Christchurch, New Zealand
Email: info@airforcemuseum.co.nz
Phone: 03-343-9532

Air Force Museum

Michelle Sim, Communications officer. Photo credit: Air Force Museum of New Zealand

Nathan ‘Barf’ Bosher, the Museum’s Safety and Surface Technician.  Photo credit: Air Force Museum of New Zealand

All other photos below copyright Dave Homewood 2016

Nathan ‘Barf’ Bosher, the Museum’s Safety and Surface Technician
p1480006 p1480008



Click the thumbnails for larger versions

The Air Force Museum of New Zealand

p1480612 p1480619 p1480608

The Atrium – with Michelle Sim
Including the main entrance, the replica Bleriot XI “Britannia”, the de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth and the de Havilland Vampire FB.5 hanging up, the new cafe and the life sized cut outs of influential or interesting people from RNZAF history

p1480034 p1480033  p1480639p1480041p1480044 p1480640 p1480156 p1480641p1480643 p1480644 p1480645 p1480037p1480038 p1480035 p1480014 p1480647  p1480656p1480648p1480009 p1480010  p1480646p1480039p1480649 p1480650 p1480651 p1480652 p1480803 p1480868 p1480869 p1480653
p1480796 p1480799

The life sized cut outs


The Horizon To Horizon Galleries – with Michelle Sim

  p1480158p1480159 p1480157 p1480270p1480301 p1480303 p1480793
World War One Display Case
p1480271 p1480166 p1480164 p1480163 p1480162 p1480161 p1480160
Fighter Command
p1480181 p1480179
Boy In A Bomber
p1480173 p1480172 p1480171 p1480177p1480175 p1480174

The featured “Ripping Yarns” Personal Stories as detailed by Michelle in this episode
Other artifacts in the Galleries
p1480289p1480290p1480292p1480311p1480310p1480315p1480313p1480314p1480293p1480266p1480267p1480274p1480277p1480278p1480280p1480284p1480286p1480287p1480182p1480168 p1480265 p1480263 p1480261 p1480260 p1480258 p1480257p1480816p1480817p1480819p1480809p1480810p1480813p1480814p1480815
Flight Lieutenant Henry Fanshawe
p1480250p1480256 p1480255 p1480254 p1480252 p1480251

The Scaled C-130H Hercules Cabin Movie Theatre

p1480789 p1480790 p1480791 p1480792

The Vampire Jet Cockpit

p1480246 p1480785p1480701

The Air New Zealand Aircraft Hall

p1480248  p1480244 p1480242p1480783 p1480241 p1480240 p1480239 p1480238 p1480232 p1480231 p1480228 p1480226 p1480223 p1480222 p1480221 p1480219 p1480218 p1480217 p1480216 p1480213 p1480212 p1480211 p1480210 p1480208 p1480207 p1480205p1480698p1480700p1480701p1480702p1480703p1480704p1480705p1480706p1480707p1480692p1480693p1480697p1480709p1480711p1480712p1480713p1480714p1480717p1480718p1480721p1480722p1480723p1480724p1480725p1480726p1480728p1480729p1480730p1480731p1480732p1480736p1480739p1480740p1480742p1480745p1480748p1480750p1480751p1480753p1480755p1480756p1480757p1480760p1480837p1480840p1480858p1480822p1480824p1480826p1480828p1480829

The Captured Exhibition

p1480761 p1480762 p1480763 p1480764 p1480767 p1480769 p1480770

The Canterbury Stories WWI Exhibition
p1480664 p1480665 p1480657 p1480658 p1480659 p1480660 p1480661 p1480662 p1480663

The Caldwell Gallery

p1480668 p1480685 p1480688 p1480690 p1480666 p1480667

The Storage Hangar And Restoration Hangar
Aircraft that will eventually be on display in the new building

p1480203 p1480202 p1480201 p1480200 p1480199 p1480198 p1480196 p1480195 p1480194 p1480193

The New Building
The Airspeed Oxford

p1480127 p1480143 p1480142 p1480140 p1480635 p1480634 p1480633 p1480632 p1480631 p1480629 p1480626 p1480623 p1480129
The Aermacchi MB339 Macchi
p1480139p1480136 p1480135 p1480134 p1480133 p1480132 p1480131
The NZAI CT/4B Airtrainer
The Alpha Helmet
p1480138 p1480137

The Function Space Which Will Eventually Be Display Space, plus the Building Sponsors

The Mosquito Simulator


Children’s Birthday Party Activities


Note: The music in this episode is “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra

5 comments to Episode 123 – The Air Force Museum of New Zealand – Part One

  • Your museum looks great! I visited Wigram in 1980 when it was still a RNZAF base. You have some terrific additions.


  • Trevor Platt

    Hi Dave , did a lot of work for the Museum just before it opened , was at 4TTS and had a 6 weeks break before teaching my next course , so was asked if I could help with the artwork at the Museum .Had a lot of fun setting up the displays and working long hours in getting it ready for the opening and remember a great team that wanted it to look fantastic .
    Later I was asked to do a painting for Sqn leader Barry on his retirement of the main entry .

    • Dave Homewood

      Great stuff Trevor. I still fondly remember the wonderful artworks that you were producing in 1993 before the end of Flying Training Wing at Wigram too, to document all the operational and engineering sections that were soon to close down, when you became the base artist. And of course the artworks that you were presenting to each of the last members of Tech Squadron as we were posted away. I still have mine, of a sparrow on a wire, and treasure it.

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