Episode 162 – Christine Ody

Guest: Christine Ody

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 12th of June 2017

Released: 21st of September 2017

Duration: 1 hours 16 minutes 16 seconds

In this episode Dave Homewood talks with airline captain Christine Ody, of Auckland. Christine grew up on a farm in Northland, New Zealand. She developed a desire to fly from a young age after having a ride in a helicopter that was working on the family farm. After leaving school she was working in television when she began flying lessons at Ardmore Flying School. She gained a commercial licence and then a job with the school as a flying instructor.

But Christine’s real goal was realised when she was accepted as a pilot with Air Nelson, flying as co-pilot on the SAAB 340. She eventually progressed onto the Boeing 737 on the main trunk Air New Zealand routes. And when the Boeings were phased out of service Christine moved on to the Airbus A320 fleet. She is now a captain on this airliner, and flies into a range of New Zealand, Australian and Pacific destinations.

As well as flying, Christine has a duel role in the airline as a Deputy Fleet Manager, involved in organising the tasking of crews and aircraft in the A320 fleet.

Christine tells some great stories and shares her memories of flying training, instructing, and flying in the airline. She is also a big proponent of getting more young people into flying, particularly females. She talks about the lifestyle that an airline pilot lives, and the things prospective pilots can expect when they are entering the industry.

Quick Links:

•  Ardmore Flying School

 •  Air New Zealand

 •  Air New Zealand Careers

 •  New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation

 •  New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation Facebook Page

Above: Christine, centre, with helicopter pilot Max Donnelly and his loader

Christine while learning to fly at Ardmore Flying School

Christine, third from right, during an annual Air Training Corps camp at RNZAF
Base Woodbourne

Christine in an Air Nelson SAAB 340 cockpit

Christine and crew with an Air New Zealand Boeing 737

Air New Zealand Boeing 737’s and staff

Christine flying a Boeing  737

An array of retro Air New Zealand staff unifoms

The charter flight for the Outrageous Fortune fans Sheryl Lookalike competition. Leopard skins and big hair for Christine, and the captain with fake mullet and fake tats!

The charter flight for the Outrageous Fortune fans Sheryl competition

Another dress up day. Captain David Morgan on the left.

Christine with Air New Zealand Chief Pilot, Captain David Morgan

Thanks to Neroli Henwood for her assistance in organising this interview, and to Brigitte Ransom of Air New Zealand External Communications for her guidance

Music heard in this episode is Magic Ghost by Danosongs

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