WONZ 192 – Denis Pothan

Guest: Denis Pothan

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 22nd of October 2018

Released: 23rd of October 2018

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 1 second

In this episode Dave sat in the sunshine chatting with former RNZAF Safety and Surface Worker Denis Pothan, who called into Cambridge on his way home after attending the Safety and Surface Trade Reunion at Ohakea. Denis worked initially as an Aircraft Finisher (the RNZAF name for a spray painter), and he worked on an array of aeroplane types from Sunderlands, Vampires and an Avenger, to the Devons, Bristol Freighters, Canberras and even the Zero. He served at Hobsonville, Ohakea, Woodbourne, Lauthala Bay and Tengah during his career, and he has some fascinating and funny stories from a twelve year career in the Air Force.

Denis went on to work at AESL in Hamilton when they were building Airtourers, and then he had a panel beating and spray painting business in Cambridge in the early 1970’s, before moving to Whangarei and carrying on with the same trade. He retired and sold his business two years ago.

He is also an artist and enjoys painting New Zealand aviation subjects, some of which you can see if you follow the link below. Denis’s wife Judy is in the background prompting a few memories.

Quick Links:

•  Denis’s Art Page on Kamo Panel and Paint

The RNZAF’s page on the Safety and Surface Trade

Denis Pothan with some of his aviation paintings, next to his camper in the Leamington camping ground, Cambridge. (Photo: Dave Homewood)

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