WONZ 198 – Chris Pote

Guest: Wing Commander Chris Pote, RAF

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 7th of January 2019

Released: 11th of January 2019

Duration: 57 minutes 55 seconds

In this episode Dave Homewood talks with Wing Commander Chris Pote, of the Royal Air Force, who recently in November and December 2018 made an epic flight in a Eurostar light sport aircraft all the way from Great Britain to New Zealand, with a team of co-pilots. Along the way they stopped at more than 20 former Royal Air Force bases in an effort to mark the RAF’s 100th Anniversary.

The flight also has been raising money for three charities, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the Royal Air Force Association and the Save The Children Fund. Plus along the route at the various stops Chris and his crew have been presenting talks to young people to promote the STEM subjects, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Chris talks about how the idea came together, selecting and modifying the aeroplane, his co-pilots, the route and the various challenges along the way. He also talks about his RAF flying as a Panavia Tornado combat pilot and a flying instructor on Short Tucanos.

Quick Links:

•  Chris’s GB-NZ.com Website

•   Chris’s RAF 100 GB-NZ Expedition Facebook Page

•  The RAF100 GBNZ Fundraiser

•  Aeropro Eurofox

Above: Abbey McGill and Chris Pote with Eurofox G-GBNZ at Ardmore Airport, New Zealand, after the flight around the world. Abbey was the last of Chris’s co-pilots, flying on the Australian and Tasman Sea legs. Photo Dave Homewood

Above: The Eurofox arriving at Lord Howe Island in December 2018. Photo kindly supplied with permission by Peter Phillipps

Note: The music at the end is Wild Flower by Joakim Karud

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