WONZ 208 – The Tiger Moth Club of New Zealand 50th Anniversary Fly-In

Guests: Loretta McGarry, Bob McGarry, Amanda Rutland, Jim Lawson and Keith Skilling

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 19th of October 2019

Released: 25th of October 2019

Duration: 56 minutes 43 seconds

On the weekend of the 18th to the 20th of October 2019 the Tiger Moth Club of New Zealand held a special commemorative Fly-In at Taumarunui Aerodrome, in the heart of the King Country. This event marked 50 Years since the club formed with its first Fly-In at the same airfield back in 1969.

Dave Homewood was there and he took the opportunity to interview members of the club, to talk about the past, and the present and future of the club, plus some other aviation topics.

We hear from Loretta McGarry who was one of the founders of the club, who talks about those early days, and also her background in aviation from catering at Whenuapai Airport to fabric work and engineering on topdressers and classics like Piper Cubs and Tiger Moths.

Next up we hear from Bob McGarry who is another of the Tiger Moth Club of New Zealand’s founders. Bob talks about his memories of those early days too, and also discusses his life in aviation and the Simmonds Spartan that he rebuilt.

Tiger Moth pilot Amanda Rutland talks about the upcoming Tiger Moth Safari that is being planned for February 29th till the 13th of March in 2020, all around New Zealand.

And past president and well known engineer Jim Lawson talks about his experiences with the Tiger Moth Club if New Zealand and his background and lifetime in aviation.

Finally, the President Keith Skilling talks about the club, and his experiences, plus a little about what he’s up to these days since he retired from Warbird display flying.

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