Episode 17 – Anthony Galbraith

Guests: Anthony Galbraith

Host: Dave Homewood

Duration: 71 minutes, 7 seconds

Topic: Anthony Galbraith is well known as one of New Zealand’s top scale aircraft modellers. He has a reputation for recreating exacting details with his kitsets, and he likes to concentrate on New Zealand aviation subjects, both RNZAF and civil. Many people on the forum have been following his projects over the years such as his A-4K Skyhawk, Mosquito, Mustang, and BK-112 helicopter.

Anthony is also rebuilding a classic full size Auster T.7 in his spare time, which he hopes to get airborne in the future following an exacting restoration. He tells us about this project and his work in the past helping with the aircraft restoration team at Christchurch’s Ferrymead Museum.

Sadly this recording suffered from mysterious technical issues. A huge thanks to Stu Russell for rescuing this recording as best he could, it sounds much better now than the raw recording did, but my apologies that it’s not perfectly clear. It is, I hope you’ll agree, still listenable and enjoyable.

Anthony’s Favourite Forum Threads Include:

•  Shorty’s “Photos From My Stash”

•  Mosquito Updates such as Here, Here and Here

•  Mike Stokes’ 1/32 Fletcher Model

•  Baz Tod’s Restoration of J5F Auster ZK-BBZ Thread

•  The Whitehawks at Woodbourne

•  The Squadron Leader Barrie Reid Photo Collection

By the way the small music clip comes from Danosongs and is called Magic Ghost

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