Episode 79 – Ron Noice

Guest: The late Ron Noice

Host: Dave Homewood

Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes, 34 seconds

Topic: In this episode Dave Homewood talks with his late friend Ron Noice, an RNZAF veteran who flew in RAF Bomber Command. Ron was a Navigator-Bomb Aimer, training in New Zealand, Canada and Britain, before being posted to No. 405 Squadron RCAF, which was part of the elite Pathfinder Force.

The squadron flew Avro Lancasters, attacking German-held targets all over Europe. On their 30th operational sortie, Ron and his crew were shot down over Germany, and he and his surviving crew mates were captured and became POW’s.

Ron told his story to Dave back in 2007, and he often referred to his personal memoirs which he’d written on the boat home to New Zealand at the end of the war, following his repatriation. Sadly Ron passed away in 2014. This episode is released as a tribute to him.

Ron Noice with his New Zealand Prisoner of War Association flag. He
was President and Secretary of this association for many years
(Photo Dave Homewood, 2011)

Ron Noice as a young man
(Noice family collection)

Ron Noice (far right) with his No. 405 Squadron crew and their Lancaster.
Left to right are:Bill Hamblyn (Rear Gunner), Bernard Smoker (Set Operator), John
Ross (Mid-Upper Gunner), Howard Marcou (Skipper), Don Vokins (Wireless
Operator), Eric Bolland (Flight Engineer), Tom Downey (Navigator) and Ron
Noice (Visual Air Bomber)
(Noice family collection)

A telegram from the time that Ron received his freedom from the POW camp
(Noice family collection)

By the way the small music clip comes from Danosongs and is called Magic Ghost

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