Episode 129 – The WONZ Christmas Birthday Special

Guests: Bruce Cooke, Matt Austin and James Kightly

Host: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 12th of December 2016

Published: 18th of December 2016

Duration:  1 hour 25 minutes 27 seconds

In this special Dave and his guests Bruce, Matt and James celebrate both the Christmas season and the Wings Over New Zealand Show’s 5th Birthday. This episode is being published exactly five years to the day after the very first episode of the WONZ Show went live on the website. The series has come a long way, with 129 podcast episodes (averaging out to one every fortnight), plus the spin off live series on Warbird Radio. Dave and the guests look back over the past year at what has happened since the 100th episode special, and Dave looks forward to the coming year, 2017, and what it should hold for the WONZ Show.

Happy 5th Birthday to the WONZ Show, thanks to all who listen to the series, and have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!!


Music in this episode includes “Something So Fine” by The Black Seeds, “Happy Birthday Song” by Stevie Wonder, and “War Is Over” by John Lennon.

3 comments to Episode 129 – The WONZ Christmas Birthday Special

  • NeilF

    Leaving Feedback as requested….

    Great series of podcasts.
    No other aviation podcast series quite like it!
    Nobody else goes into the same level of detail. Or covers the less well known topics.

    Wings over Britain and some shows on the current RNZAF sound like good ideas.

    The Podcast covering Warbird Recovery in PNG is a favourite.
    Also the two RNZAF museum episodes were really interesting.

    • Dave Homewood

      Thanks very much for the nice feedback Neil. The Air Force Museum of New Zealand episodes are among my favourites too. And I love the warbird recovery stories too. But which one do you refer to? There are two shows covering PNG recoveries, the first with New Zealander Neville “Shorty” Mines and the more recent one with Aussie Ian Whitney. Cheers.

  • NeilF

    Hi Dave,
    It was the one with Ian Whitney.
    He’s a good storyteller and sounds like a great guy.

    I’m now going to listen to the Neville Mines episode.
    I must have missed that one.

    Regards Neil

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