Episode 133 – The Mallon Crew

Guest: Vic Jay

Hosts: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 24th of January 2017

Released:  2nd of February 2017

Duration:  1 hour 1 minute 7 seconds

In this episode Dave Homewood talks with Vic Jay, via Skype from England. Vic has recently released his book “The Mallon Crew” detailing his late father Bob Jay, an RAF Flight Engineer, and his Lancaster bomber crew in No. 75 (NZ) Squadron RAF during WWII.

Vic discusses how the book came about, and the research he did to discover the full story of his father’s war which he’d previously only known small parts of. He talks about the various people who helped him discover the story, including researchers and enthusiasts and the family members of other crew members in the crew under the captain, RNZAF pilot Bill Mallon.

He also talks about the tragedies he uncovered along the way, particularly within the Mallon family. Vic has put together another chapter in the famous New Zealand heavy bomber squadron’s history, from the end of WWII.

Above: The cover of “The Mallon Crew” by Vic Jay

Above: Vic Jay with his book


Quick Links:

•  Bob Jay’s War – Vic’s Blog Detailing Bob and his Crew

•  Amazon Listing for “The Mallon Crew”

•  The Air Force Museum of New Zealand

•  The Museum of Transport and Technology

•  The Aviation Heritage Centre, Omaka

•  Hedley’s Bookshop in Masterton

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