WONZ 279 – Wings Over Britain: Biggin Hill

Guests:  Dave Cole and Margaret Wilmot

Hosts: Dave Homewood

Recorded: 30th of June 2023

Duration: 1 hour 41 minute 46 seconds

In this episode Dave Homewood talks with Dave Cole, a guide and local historian at the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum, at former RAF Biggin Hill. Dave talks about the fascinating history of the famous RAF fighter station, from its very beginning with the Royal Flying Corps in 1915, being created as an airfield where scientific development of aerial radio communications was pursued. And he explained its role as a defensive fighter base for London and southern England during WWI, and into the interwar period, and then into WWII with the Battle of Britain, and beyond.

Dave then chats with Margaret Wilmot about St George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance, which is specially dedicated to remembering the members of the Royal Air Force who lost their lives in World War Two. Margaret, the Verger of the parish, explains the chapel’s history and its current status as a memorial and visitor attraction, as well as an active parish church.

Quick Links:

 The Biggin Hill Memorial Museum and Chapel website

 RAF Biggin Hill Museum & Chapel Facebook Page

 St George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance, Biggin Hill Facebook Page

 Protect Biggin Hill RAF Chapel Facebook Page

Dave Cole, historian and guide at the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum.
Margaret Wilmot, Verger of St George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance, at Biggin Hill.
The list of New Zealanders known to have been killed when flying from or based at Biggin Hill.
Above and below: The biographical entry in the chapel’s book for Edward Churches, as discussed in the interview.
Margaret reading the daily names from the book.

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