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Welcome to the archive of the 30 Sqn and SU Newsletter, which is faithfully compiled and sent out every two months by Wally Ingham, an ex-RNZAF Fitter with the squadron.

Not every edition is as yet online, but a HUGE thanks has to go to Julie Carr, the Association's typist, who has typed up the newsletter for Wally since Issue No. 27. She has very kindly supplied me with the draft files from issues 27 to 36, so we now have transcripts of those Newsletters too. Julie kindly sent these drafts via email, so as you'll see they lack the finished look of the latter newsletters on this page, and also photos and attachments mentioned are missing in this form. But they provide fascinating and informative reading back to 2002 and they are most appreciated.

However from Issue No. 37 onwards, Wally has kindly kept me on the mailing list and sent me each edition, which i have now scanned and added here in original form.

The following material is all copyright of the No. 30 Squadron and Servicing Unit Association. Should you have any reason to make enquiries about it, please contact Wally Ingham.

I also recommend that if anything here you read whets your interest, and you want to find out more, track down Wally's books The Avengers and We Also Served. See here for more.


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