Episode 6 – Larry Hill

Episode Six Forum Meet 2011 Part Two

Guest: Larry Hill – Book Collector, Historian and Author

Duration: 17 minutes, 29 seconds

Topic: This recording was made on the 14th of May 2011 at the Cambridge Club, in Cambridge at the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum’s annual gathering, which this year was the Forum Meet and Veterans Day.

The third guest of the day was forum member Larry Hill who gave a wonderful story about his late friend Jack Rae, a New Zealand fighter ace who flew in the defence of Malta, and the parachute that saved his life.

Quick Link:

•  See more on Larry’s book ‘An Aviation Bibliography For New Zealand’

Note: This recording was recorded live at an event with over 90 people in the audience, and also there is unfortunately a little noise from kitchen and bar facilities nearby. It is however a record of the event for those who could not make it on the day

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