Episode 7 – Alan Peart DFC

Episode Seven – Forum Meet 2011 Part Three

Guest: Alan Peart DFC – WWII RNZAF Fighter Ace

Duration: 40 minutes, 7 seconds

Topic: This recording was made on the 14th of May 2011 at the Cambridge Club, in Cambridge at the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum’s annual gathering, which this year was the Forum Meet and Veterans Day.

The fourth guest of the day was RNZAF fighter ace Alan Peart who tells us about his days flying Spitfires against the Germans in North Africa, and the Japanese in Burma.

For the presentation on the day Alan had photos and maps that were projected behind him, but we cannot offer these in audio form I’m afraid. As Alan’s presentation was just after the lunch break there is initially a bit of kitchen clean up noise which we apologise for.

Painting by Ron Fulstow of Alan’s 20 plus Japanese fighters to his one Spitfire dogfight

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